Ever since I was a little kid, I always wanted to set up my own cool little games and Find Itz for an "Other" page on a website I had built. I spent hours searching sites for find it prizes and looking around at the photo galleries and stories the site owners had written. When PUGS came along, I felt like the petz community had attained something really great; we had taken the best parts of the little games on every site and created a Neopets-esque experience.

I was very saddened to watch the closure of PUGS, and it gave me a renewed interest in creating content for the community; engaging content that gives everyone something fun beyond the game itself and the creation aspects. I would be foolish to assume I could make content nearly as interesting and engaging as PUGS was, but I want to give it the good ol' college try! So this page is dedicated to all my efforts to create engaging content.

This page will be updated as ideas come to me, and as I flesh out the ideas that are already floating around in my head. Each activity will come with various fun prizes for you and your petz, so check back often! I hope you enjoy what you find here!

Fun Things: