Stop Petz Abuse!!!!
Are you an evil person? Do you routinely think bad, horrible, nasty thoughts every day?
Does the thought of kicking innocent puppies and kittens sound like the best day ever for you?
Do you still have the spray bottle in your game? Then heckin' get off this page, you horrible vile being!

Join The Fight Against Petz Abuse!
If you want to change your vile, evil, despicable ways, then keep reading. There might be hope for your soul yet.
Or maybe you don't know what I'm talking about? Maybe you're just blissfully unaware of the horrors that plague our good community?
I'm talking about something TRULY insideous.

There are ACTUALLY people out there that dare to abuse their Petz! Do you know what will happen if you abuse your Petz?!
Your Petz will hate you if you keep doing it! They will eventually get sick of your shit and fly the coop! You'll never see them again!
...Except in Petz 5... I think there are Petz bounty hunters that will drag them kicking and screaming back to you.
But we don't talk about Petz 5.
... But even so! They're still going to hate you! Why would you want that?!

Are you against petz abuse?!?!?!?! I am. You better be.
You don't need the spray bottle in order to discipline your Petz! That is so thoughtless! Look at their sad faces! How can you be so cruel.
It's actually VERY easy to not abuse the hell out of your Petz with that nasty object of torture.
Just follow my instructions and you will be on your way to being a good person.

Delete your spray bottle from your game!
Do it!
No excuses!

Delete the watering can too!
It can be used to abuse your Petz if they don't like it!
Don't be rude!

Delete the Beach Playscene!
If you've ever taken a CATZ to the Beach?
I don't think there is anything that can ever redeem you, you vile, hate filled monster.

Delete the Halloween Pumpkin, the Ghost Generating box, AND the Haunted Mansion Playscene!
Do you think it's FUN to watch your Petz yowl and jump in terror at all those horrid noises?
How could you?

Delete the Snowball toy from your game.
Hitting your Petz with snowballz is abusive.
I don't care if they act happy.
You're just making excuses for abhorrent violence.

Don't take your Petz to the Snowscene without warm clothez on.
Are you TRYING to make them sick? Having medicine in the game is just a crutch you're
using to allow yourself to continue mistreating these poor defenselss Petz.
Being virtual doesn't change anything!
Take the playscene out of your game if you can't control yourself!

Don't EVER take Dogz out with Catz!
Everyone knows Catz and Dogz hate eachother!
You are risking violence!
If you EVER find two Petz that hate each other, you need to seperate them IMMEDIATELY.
Making them be near each other is abusive. They are going to hate you.

Don't misuse the Flea Spray.
Just because you are a sick fuck that likes watching Petz cough doesn't make it okay.

If you put a piece of clothing on your Petz and they look sad, take the clothes off immediately.
Keeping them in clothing they do not like makes them sad.
You are a right asshole if you make them wear things they don't want.

You may be asking yourself
"But Asiyd! Asiyd! How do I train my Petz if I am not allowed to spray them like a flea?"
Rest assured. I have some very well thought out and not at all harmful ways anyone can discipline
a particularly naughty Catz or Dogz. It's really quite simple.

If you want to effectively punish any naughty Petz, pick them up and shake them.
Make sure you keep a firm grip on them so they do not struggle away, and promptly yeet them
across the playscene. Whatever bad behavior they were engaged in before will be halted effective immediately,
and your pixel friend will be completely unharmed!

Yell at them over IBM ViaVoice. A firm "No!" or "Bad!", or even "You little shit!"
will get their attention and let them know their behavior is unacceptable!
They may be so grateful that they completely ignore you, in hopes you will yell at them more!

Snap your fingers when Petz look like they may start to fight, and then separate them immediately!
If you allow them to fight, even by accident, you might as well delete your game because your Petz will hate you.

Ignore them.
Do not move your mouse at all.
They will be so happy to see you when you come
back that they won't remember what they were doing!
Shove any misbehaving Petz onto a high ledge, as the height will distract them from bad behavior.
Make extra sure that you pet them and give them treats, or they will hate you!

Ignore the behavior.
It's not your job to change who they are anyways.

Not taking my advice just means that you don't ACTUALLY care about your Petz
and you probably shouldn't even be allowed to have them.
Who the hell gave you your game installer anyways?
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
It was me?
Oh... Well that doesn't matter.
You're still a total asshole for not deleting your spray bottle right now.
Absolutely heartless. I have no doubt you'd abuse real animals too!

If you'd like to get the message through to other Petz owners, put any of the following banners on your pages. Thanks!!
With your help we can VANQUISH Petz abuse.
All of these people are against these foul people as well! No one likes Petz abuse!
If you abuse your Petz, no one is going to adopt out to you or even TALK to you in the community!
Make sure you scroll ALL the way through them!
These people are HEROES!

Do you get the picture now? No one likes an animal abuser. So shape the fuck up, you goddamn piece of shit.

Now this thing?

This is a completely different story.
This Catz name is Abuseable. Isn't she awful?
This thing is truly worthy of your torment, you sick freak.
Just look at that abuseable little mug! It's so abuseable it abuses it'self!
You don't have to do any of the work!
You're kinda an asshole for even owning this breed, but hey.
As long as this thing is belting out those screams, I don't think it matters.
If you agree with me, go ahead and take this Petz into your home, but be warned.
I can't be blamed for the horrors it unleashes upon your home.
Don't say I didn't warn you, this thing is REALLY awful.
I mean just LOOK at it!
Pure evil.
Make sure you follow the list above as a reference guide on how to abuse this Petz the best.
It's very simple.
Step by step instructions aren't hard. Just click the button below to get started today!