Something strange is going on here...


"Can you help me?"

Howdy there... My name's Tex.
Y'all think you could give me a hand? I was out exploring and I found a really bright jeweled bug. I need to bring it back to do 
some research on it,
but it slipped away from me... I could have sworn I secured it; it's almost like the dang thing walked off on it's lonesome. I ain't got much, but if you help me out
I think I can part with a few stamps from my collection for your troubles. Deal?

Mighty obliged!
It should be around here somewhere, it isn't like it could just up and walk off. It's bright green, so y'all can't miss it. I ain't expecting y'all to change your
plans or anything, but if you could get it back to me quickly y'all'd be doing me a big favor. Napoleon gets right cranky when he's kept waiting on finds like this.
I ain't looking to get on his bad side, y'hear?

Right, go on now! I'll search this part of the area... why don't y'all try looking elsewhere. Two sets of eyes are better than one!