Acid Trip Show Tables

I decided to offer these show tables up for everyone after making a custom one for Cherry of Regal Chimes.
These tables are customizeable, and take a little time to create.
They are perfect to showcase your petz with any ribbons and awards they have earned!
You can use them with Filthy Hippy's Ribbons found
here, try and collect them all!
If you want one of them, please check out the example below for the parts you are able to customize and email the form to:


1.) You MUST have a website to use these
2.) Please link back to me somewhere on your website
3.) Do not remove my watermark
4.) Do not edit the colors, please email me if you want something changed

Name/Petz Username:
Your Website URL (You MUST have a website to use these):
1.) Do you want tablecloth stripes?
1A.) If so, do you want:
ONE stripe,
TWO stripes,
or NO stripes?
1B.) Color of stripes
Top Stripe:
Bottom Stripe:
2.) What color tablecloth do you want?
3.) What color do you want the borders?
1st color:
2nd color:
4.) What color do you want the sign background?


Existing Show Tables:

Right click and open the image in a new tab to see it full size

Catz: Realistic Breed Dogz: Realistic Breed
Catz: Petzy Breed Dogz: Petzy Breed