Acid Trip is PROUD to present The Ultimate Petz Bundle! Released for the 2019 Petzcord Advent Calendar, this bundle has it all! Finally you can try that elusive game that you never were able to play as a kid. Or maybe you are a newcomer and weren't around to experience the earlier games? How about an easy way to FINALLY convince that friend of yours to play these games? No cost to them! What better way is there to share the love? Each game comes bundled with all their official downloadz from the PF Magic site.  Some games may not perform well on Windows 10, so please be aware of this. There really isn't much I can do about that.

Catz 1, Dogz 1, and Oddballz come with 2 separate methods of installation.
One set of installers are a Dosbox contained version of each game, fit to run moderately well on Windows 10. The other set is a native disc set of files, if you wish to install these games on to an older operating system capable of handling them.

PLEASE Be sure to read all instructions while installing, as most of these games are troublesome with Windows 10.