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Welcome back to the
World of Petzies!

This section is very special to my heart.
Petzies were adorable pixel petz that were lovingly
made to mimic our beloved P.F. Magic friends. As a
child, I absolutely adored Petzies, but eventually,
I completely forgot the name of the website,
and thus lost any hope of ever finding
anything on it again. It wasn't until Nightshade
Petz that I finally ran across Petzies again,
and I couldn't have been happier!

This page is here because I wanted to breathe
life into Petzies once more. Velvet Pawz, the
original home of Petzies, may be long gone to
time, but these cute and adorable little pixel petz
live on here. Periodically, I will be making
pixel art to match the Petzies style and fill in
the gaps left by the loss of the original website.
Velvet Pawz originals will be labeled separately
from Acid Trip creations in order to keep
everything nicely organized.

Original home page text from Velvet Pawz:

Petzies™ - Your Website Petz Palz

Welcome to the exciting world of Petzies!
Petzies are exactly like Petz- except smaller!
Petzies are computer-drawn by Velvet Pawz!
Cute and tiny, Petzies are just the right size to live
on your website! They will look very cute,
wherever you place them!