Hey, this looks like the jewel Tex was looking for.
You reach down and touch it... but wait a minute.
Did that jewel just... move?!
You quickly yank your hand away and stare at the beetle.


...There! It moved! You saw it that time!
This thing can't seriously be alive, can it!?
It looks no different than the rest of the jeweled scarabs you and your petz find hidden in the sand all the time while out exploring.
None of those scarabs have ever moved on their own.

Something strange is going on here...

Maybe you should get this jewel back to Tex quickly.
He mentioned something about Napoleon and research. You can see why they had interest in such a boring yet beautiful item now... Who knew?
As you carry the jewel back to Tex, you wonder if you might need to keep your petz from using these gems as chew toyz from now on...

... How many helpless bugs have you let your friends gnaw on?