Welcome to the Creation Studio, where we house all the original files created by Asiyd of Acid Trip! Please be respectful
of the files in this section, as having this section has been a dream of Asiyd's every since they were a small child in this
community! If Acid Trip should ever vanish for whatever reason, you are free to host and distribute these files at your
leisure, as I do not want the Petz community to shrink any smaller than it already is. Otherwise, send me a friendly
email if a file isnt working correctly. If you feel a file would be better with a certain element or variation, send an email
detailing it, and we will work together to see about making your vision a reality! Files that you are free to edit and
hex to your heart's desires are in the resource section. Otherwise, be sure to enjoy all Acid Trip has to offer!

Lisa Frank Dalmatian Paintsplatter Black Lisa Frank Dalmatian
Anybody growing up in the 90's can tell you how big the Lisa Frank craze was... every little girl wanted those pretty, colorful stickers! Only one variation at this time, but more to come! This pup will add a playfully colorful splash to any petz home! This is my second released breedfile, and was heavily inspired by a Lisa Frank Calendar I have! Released for the Petzcord Advent Calendar in 2019. These felines pair very well with Lisa Frank Dalmatians! Super flashy and bright, these catz have quite the personality to match, and can't wait to play with you!  This file was release for the Petzcord Advent Calendar in 2019, to act as a companion file for the Lisa Frank Dalmatian file. These colorful pups are sure to add a splash of color to your petz game!



Sparkle Dalmatian Sparkle Muttlies Lyngae
This was the first petz I ever hexed, and after several emails from people asking for her, I felt it would be appropriate to release a breedz in her honor for our 2000th visitor celebration. Thank you guys for supporting us all these years, and here is to another 2000 visitors! This is a fun an energetic addition to the muttlies gang, the Sparkle Muttlies, released in celebration for Acid Trip's 2000th visitor! These friendly and silly pups never get any bigger and are absolutely a joy to watch bouncing around your screen. These cuties are sure to add a fun splash of color to your home! The Lyngae is a mythical canine of lightning and thunder, and it's pelt changes color with every step it takes! This creature has a very prim and prissy attitude, so try not to piss it off if you don't want any issues...



Click here to DOWNLOAD classic V.1 Lyngae Version
(Genetics do not pass down with V.1)
Kittlings Sparkle Kittlings Metsik Shorthair
Kittlings are cute little kitties that never get any bigger, and come in many different variations! With 14 base coat colors, and 10 spot variations, there are many cute little kitties you could encounter in the Adoption Center! This is my first released breedfile, and was heavily inspired by Muttlies! Sparkle Kittlings were made for the 2000th visitor celebration, and change colors as they romp around your game! These cute kitties make for a great, colorful splash of a companion!

The Metsik Shorthair is a very speckled kitty with the bravery of a mouse. These cute catz need a gentle hand to tame their fear. Their beautiful coats make the effort worthwhile though, and many owners find a life long friend once they tame this scardey catz. This file was released for the Petzcord Advent Calendar of 2019.


Firepoint Wreath Kittlings Snowflurry Kittlings Stocking Stuffer Kittlings
These fluffballs have fur made of holly leaves, and sometimes berries grow in their fur! A Petzcord Advent Calendar 2019 release! Lost in the deepest of blizzards, Snowflake Kittlings freeze and become the Snowflurry Kittlings! This file was released for the Petzcord Advent Calendar in 2019. Stocking Stuffer Kittlings love digging into your present packages and stockings under the fireplace, looking for tasty treatz! A Petzcord Advent Calendar 2019 release!

Snowflake Kittlings Texas Hound Hiragana Hound
This cute kitty fell from a snowcloud during a blizzard and the snow just never melted off their fur! This file was released for the Petzcord Advent Calendar in 2019. This breed was inspired by Texas herself, and the mixed breed dogs that roam various farms. These pups are loyal and true! Released for the Petzcord Advent Calendar in 2019. Released for the Petzcord Advent Calendar in 2019, this breed... was admittedly rushed. I love the Japanese language, and this breed was inspired by that love. I took 3 years of Japanese in college, and this breedfile pays homeage to that. It will eventually have many different Hiragana characters, and become a more refined breedfile in it's own right. For now, it is simply a cute dog with the "Ka" character on it's butt. 犬が大好きです。

Siamese V2.0 Great Dane V2.0 Dalmatian V2.0
This beautiful recolor of the beloved Siamese breedfile was made for the Petzcord Advent Calendar in 2019, and was intended to allow for more beautiful coat patterns for breeding projects. It will eventually evolve to have more variety, but for now it has several pretty coat variations. This version of the Great Dane was released for the Petzcord Advent Calendar in 2019, and like the Siamese V2.0, it was also created as a means of bringing more variety to coat patterns when breeding. This file will be worked on to invlude more coat patterns in the future. Released for the Petzcord Advent Calendar in 2019, and honestly I feel this breedfile needs work. I wanted to bring variety to the dalmatian, but I feel like I fell short with this one. It will be reworked in the future to have better coat patterns and more variety.



Russian Blue V2.0 Jackalope Wild Boar
This Russian Blue file was made for the Petzcord Advent Calendar of 2019, and was created to bring variation to the Russian Blue breedfile in breeding projects. More variation will be added as time goes on. The Jackalope is a mythical rabbit of Western American folklore that continues to spark debate to this day! Released for the Petzcord 2019 Advent Calendar, this file CANNOT breed, as they were hexed from the Catz 4 Bunnyz file. Pigz are known to revert back to their Wild Boar form within one generation when they escape from their farms. Released for the 2019 Petzcord Advent Calendar, this file is not capable of breeding, as it was hexed from the Pigz file from Dogz 4.


Glowstick Chew Toyz Pokepuff Treatz Covid-19 Safety Toilet Paper
These glowsticks are perfect for the Party room! Perfectly pet friendly, and reinforced to protect those sharp pet teeth from any chemicals. Have no worries, Rexxy and Spot can chew on these to their hearts content in complete safety! Comes in 5 different colors! These PokePuffs are shipped straight in from the Kalos region, and are the perfect treat for your sweet pet friends! Made from animal friendly and completely safe ingredients, you don't have to worry about this chocolate! Just be warned, feeding them to multiple pets might make them start to feel a little... amorous. With the Covid-19 pandemic in full swing, everyone needs to be careful to get the very best in antiviral toilet paper for your special petz. After all, how are you ever going to survive all this without 200 rolls of TP?!

Covid-19 Viral Medicine    
If you have petz that are feeling under the weather due to this nasty coronavirus, this medicine is perfect for them! Specially formulated to kill Covid-19 dead. Comes in spray form for Petz 3, and medicine form for Petz 4 and Petz 5.    
Party Time Babyz Attic Classic Arabia
An awesome rave room for all partygoers! Goes great with the Glowstick Toy! This is the Attic from the Babyz game. The window is not scripted, so it doesn't open or shut... the supply case merely acts as shelving. Ever want to enjoy Arabia without the minigame element in Petz 5? This is your chance!

< < <
Classic Wild West Snowscene Trail Arabian Desert
For those who long for the days before that nasty cheating groundhog moved in... just don't mess with the water well, we wouldn't want to lure him back... Take your petz on a cool hike up to the winter cabin! Just be sure to wear a sweater... Enjoy a trip through the Arabian Desert as you make your way to Arabia! Just make sure to bring lots of water!

South Sea Ocean Wild West Cliffs  
I made a few playscenes from the intro load screens in petz 4, and figured this one fit in too! Great for sea petz! Careful at the cliff's edge! You wouldn't want to fall in! This scene is best for any flying petz you might have!